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» Specialised Ex- and Industrial Lighting Long life, ‘Fit & Forget’ lights, guaranteed minimum 10 years life, based on Philips Holland patented QL system.
» Helideck Status Lighting and Navigation Systems Full range of Perimeter Lights, Flood Lights, Obstruction Lights, Windsocks, as well as Status Lighting Systems, Ex- and Non-Ex. Navigation Systems, Radio Communications, Foghorns. All fully complying with CAP 437 regulations.
» Hazardous Area Switchgear and Lighting Products

Ex-proof electrical equipment, lighting and instrumentation products.

» Industrial Automation

High specification automation products and solutions - PLCs, Scada, RTUs

» Industrial Plant Construction

Turnkey construction of industrial, chemical, petrochemical and lube blending plants; storage tanks and tank farms.

» Flow Measurement

Full range of PD meters, Turbine meters, Electromagnetic flow meters; batch controllers; counters; Valves

» Level Measurement

High spec. level measurement and control products, float switches, magnetic level gauges

» Pressure Measurement

Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Gauges, DP Transmitters.

» Temperature Measurement

Temperature Transmitters, RTDs, Thermowells., Thermocouples, Infrared Thermometers

» Data Acquisition Products

Process Scanners, Indicators, Controllers and Recorders.

  Instrumentation Products pH and Conductivity meters and controllers, Gas analysers, DO meters, Solenoid Valves
» Electrical Multi Transducers

V, A, kW, kVAR, Hz., PF Transducers; Programmable Multi Transducers; Signal Isolators, Isolating applications; Temp. Transmitters, Programmable Universal Transmitters.

» Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry Ice (CO2) cleaning for industries. 
Easy, Fast, Gentle, Environmentally friendly  
Clean – no water no mess,  no secondary cleaning necessary,  
Safe - no chemicals, no harm to workers,
Versatile - can also use on live electrical panels,
Excellent solution for paint, gum/glue, food, printing, air conditioning, shipping industry